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Wellcome to the school of management in jiangsu university

School of Management Online Education Fair for September 2021 Admissions

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Jiangsu University organized an online education fair for September 2021 admissions in 18th May. This interaction was themed “Program in Management and Economics & Silk Road Scholarship”. The program had representatives from various departments. School of Management was represented by Dr. Li Zhiwen. Overseas Education College (OEC) admission team were also present to answer questions related to general admission and other scholarships for all international students. There were over one hundred and fifty prospective students who attended this online program.

Dr. Li Zhiwen gave a wonderful presentation about the School of Management. He spoke about the experienced teaching and research staff with great international exposures and the impeccable administrative staff that constantly contribute in raising the standard and status of the department and the university in general. He highlighted on the various programs in the School of Management and the study duration.

Furthermore, Dr. Li Zhiwen highlighted on the scholarships available at the School of Management, the levels of scholarships, to whom and how they’re awarded. He also touched on internship opportunities for international students at the School of Management and career prospects after graduation by making inference to many past students.

Before he ended his speech, he introduced Mr. Francis Tang Dabuo who is the current Postgraduate (PG) student leader for the School of Management. Francis shared his experience as a student and as a PG leader. He encouraged prospective applicants who want to develop skills that are necessary in the real-world jobs, and those interested in research, to enroll since the school has a diverse, friendly and hardworking family that dabbles in a wide range of research interests and possesses as a large arsenal of tools that they can benefit from.  

Prospective applicants had the opportunity to ask several questions. The conclusion remarks from prospective applicants indicated their desire and eagerness to seize the opportunity to develop their career prospects by enrolling in our prestigious and leading programs.




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