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Wellcome to the school of management in jiangsu university


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An online welcome ceremony was held for new and continuing Postgraduate (PG) students of School of Management on 10th April, 2021 between the hours of 18:30 and 19:50. Over one hundred and fifty students from across the world attended this online meeting.  The PG students’ president Mr. Francis gave the modality of the meeting and spelled out the agenda. He welcomed all the audience to the meeting. He explained that, the meeting would have been face to face but Covid-19 prevention protocols needed to be followed so it wasn’t possible. The PG students’ president also gave presentation on the School of Management scholarship application procedure. He hinted on selection criteria which is based on who is qualified, categories of applicants, application materials needed and submission procedures, and assessment procedures.

Students were called on to register their concerns for management to address them. Many students made tremendous contributions and great suggestions.

The occasion was attended by the deputy director of International Education Center at school, Dr. Owen. He inspired us with great words of encouragement in our academic and research journey. He touched on the need to enhance cordial relationship and constant interaction with our supervisors. He also drew our attention on how rough and frustrating academics and research are sometimes. He entreated us to always strive for improvement.  

Generally, students were excited for such a wonderful interaction and called for more of such.

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