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Sino-Foreign Student Entrepreneurship Comprehensive Simulation Contest of Jiangsu University

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The Sino-Foreign entrepreneurship Simulation competition was held on the afternoon of 19 December 2020. The event was a huge success with over 3 arenas prepared and over one hundred Chinese and foreign students participating. Students divided themselves in groups of 3, nominating one as their CEO and competing for the top 3 positions as well as some prize money.

The students diligently attended 5 training sessions prior to the competition day in order to learn how the simulation worked. During these sessions members of the School of Management in collaboration with Entrepreneurial Simulation Club showed great leadership and teaching skills as they took their time to guide the students in learning how to play the virtual simulation and win. The students came out in numbers and demonstrated great workmanship as they helped one another and cooperated in teams, giving a chance to Chinese students to practice their English and foreign students to practice their Chinese.

On the afternoon of the event, the 12th floor of Sanjiang building was busy with the hustling and bustling of hopeful “entrepreneurial stars” as the teams assigned seats in different computer labs. The competition began swiftly at 1pm and finally came to a close at 5pm. The system generated the final profit margins and winners in each of the three arenas were declared.

The closing and award ceremony was held in room 1505 with special guest Mrs Wang Limin the party secretary in attendance to award the winners. The prizes were given out in 4 categories, 1st , 2nd ,3rd and special acknowledgment as the students celebrated each other. A big round of applause goes to the winners of the competition who fought in a competition of over 40 teams and all those that participated. Many thanks also go to the School of Management and entrepreneurial simulation club for organizing this event and giving students a chance to interact in this way. It is hoped more events such as this will be possible to promote cooperation between our Chinese and international students and engage in some friendly competition.

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