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Wellcome to the school of management in jiangsu university

Ma Zhiqiang


Ma Zhiqiang




School of Business Management

Administrative Posts


Professional Title


Mentor Situation

Ph.D. supervisor

Research Area

Management science and engineering

Research Direction

The modern management theory and method  





Xue Fu road 301, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu university 212013  


Ma  Zhiqiang, comes from Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Chinese communist party members,  professor, Ph.D. supervisor. Graduated from Jiangsu university management  science and engineering. Doctor of management. He has successively held the  posts of the director of the subject construction office, the director of the  graduate student office, the vice president of the school of business  management. In 2011, he became the president of the school of the business  management. He has won the prize of the advanced individual of Jiangsu  postdoctoral management, the advanced individual of Jiangsu subject construction  management, the school excellent educator.
He  has long been engaged in the teaching research work of management. He has host  and achieved 7 important project of Jiangsu Social science fund and so on. He  has won 4 prizes of city department director level and above and published more  than 40 papers and 2 book publication.


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